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Millions of professionals can't all be wrongMillions of fire fighters, nurses, teachers, and airline workers have a contract. We can’t all be wrong.

Constitution and Bylaws

IAM International Constitution – English (download)
IAM International Constitution – Spanish (download)
District Lodge 141 Bylaws (download)

Local Lodges

Members of District 141 belong to a local lodge located within miles of where they work. Local Lodge Directory | Flyer

We represent more airline workers at more airlines and have more contracts for more full-time and part-time employees than any other union in the world.

More than just knowing our way around airlines and negotiating tables, we offer something other unions do not.


Only at the world’s largest airline union do you have a say in who negotiates for you, and who protects you on the job.

The world’s largest airline union is made up of a democratic system of local, district, and international lodges. Collectively, those lodges assure enforcement of your contract. After all, a contract with haphazard enforcement is barely more than a piece of paper.

Local Lodges

Members of District 141 belong to a local lodge located within miles of where they work. Local Lodge Directory

At the IAM, democratically elected lodge officers, and a strong system of local lodges, assure you of swift and local contract enforcement by members of your own work classification.

The same is true in contract negotiations. At the IAM, officials that you elect from your own work group negotiate contracts.

2011 scholarshipEducation

The William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center at Placid Harbor, Maryland is a facility built by workers for workers. Its purpose is to meet the complete range of educational needs of our Members and to provide an atmosphere where Members can learn undisturbed by the daily demands of the workplace. Visit Winpisinger Center web site.

International Association of Machinists
& Aerospace Workers (IAMAW)

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9000 Machinists Place
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772-2687
(301) 967-4500
The IAM; the Machinists Union and the IAMAW are accepted, proper names for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO/CLC.

International President: R. Thomas Buffenbarger

Transportation General Vice President: Robert Roach, Jr.

The IAM is the certified bargaining agent for approximately one hundred fifty (150) agreements covering U.S. national air carriers, national service companies, foreign flag carriers, commuters and airline servicing companies in the United States. The IAM also has collective bargaining agreements with fifty seven (57) rail carriers.

Organizational Structure

Workers belong to one of more than 1,000 IAM Local Lodges that typically represent employees at one or more local companies. In the Transportation sector, District Lodges represent workers nationwide on specific airlines. There are three airline Districts and one railroad district in the United States and one airline district in Canada. The District Lodges negotiate and administer the agreements with the carriers under their jurisdiction.


The history of the Machinists Union is intertwined with the history of commercial transportation in the United States. Founded in 1888 by 19 railroad workers in Atlanta, the Machinists signed its first airline industry contract with Eastern Air Lines in 1939. Since then, the IAM has grown to be the largest and most diverse airline union in North America. Current and former Machinists Union members are employed at every major airline in the United States

180,000 Total

More than 180,000 IAM members manufacture civil air transport, military and general aviation aircraft; perform non-routine and overhaul aircraft maintenance at airlines and independent MROs; load cargo and perform various airport support functions; take airline reservations; check in passengers and provide critical safety functions in flight.

IAM members serve the traveling public as flight attendants, aircraft mechanics, fleet service workers, reservation agents, stock clerks, passenger service agents, office & clerical employees, aircraft fuelers, flight simulator technicians and food service employees. IAM members maintain the Space Shuttle and support Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base.

The IAM is the certified bargaining agent for approximately one hundred fifty (150) agreements covering national air carriers, national service companies, foreign flag carriers, commuter airlines and airline servicing companies in the United States.


Some of the airline and airline service companies that employ IAM members include Aer Lingus; Air Wisconsin; Alaska Airlines; Allied Aviation; Aramark; Atlantic Aviation; Avis; British Airways; Bahamasair; Continental Airlines; Continental Micronesia; Comair; Delta/Northwest Airlines; El Al; ExpressJet; Great Lakes; Gulfstream; Hawaiian Airlines; L-3 Aviation; Philippine Airlines; Midway Instruments; PSA; Signature Flight Support; Southwest Airlines; Swissport; United Parcel Service; United Airlines and US Airways.


Some of the aerospace companies the IAM has contracts with include BAE Systems; Boeing Co.; Bombardier LearJet; Cessna Aircraft; DynCorp; Embry Riddle; Aeronautical University; Flight Safety Services; General Dynamics; General Electric; Goodrich Aerostructures; Hamilton Sundstrand; L3 Vertex Aerospace; Lockheed Martin Training; Northrop Grumman; Pratt and Whitney; Raytheon; Rolls Royce Engine Service; Sikorsky Support Services; United Launch Alliance.

Aviation and AFL-CIO

IAM members are an integral part of the aviation industry – from the time a design leaves the drawing board until a beverage is served in-flight, and every step along the way the Machinists Union is involved.

The IAM is affiliated with the AFL-CIO; Canadian Labour Congress (CLC); International Labor Organization; International Metalworkers Federation; International Transport Workers Federation.