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Millions of professionals can't all be wrongMillions of fire fighters, nurses, teachers, and airline workers have a contract. We can’t all be wrong.


Do you still want to work for United (or retire)?

Under your IAM Contract, you have lifetime recall rights.

And you can retire with benefits, if you return to active duty.

But United management is aggressively seeking to scrap the IAM Contract, which would take away your lifetime recall rights.

As a furloughed employee, you are entitled (and encouraged!) to vote. Every single vote makes a difference.

To vote, you must use a VIN (Voter ID Number), and a PIN number, mailed by the NMB (National Mediation Board).

VIN, PIN, and Instructions will have been mailed by January 17, 2012. Look for a plain white envelope from the National Mediation Board.
It will be mailed to your last known address on file with United.*

If you do not receive the NMB letter, you must take action to vote.

If your original does not arrive by January 23, do this:
Request a Replacement Ballot from the NMB in writing.
Telephone and fax requests will not be accepted by the NMB.

* Verify your address with United by calling the employee service center (877) 825-3729. Or call District 141 (847) 640-2222, ext. 20, or ext. 33.

If your address was not up-to-date at United, then you will need to request the replacement ballot.

You may also want to request an In-Class Transfer, depending on circumstances. Start by first calling for a SkyNet password reset at (800) 255-5801.


Side-by-side comparison IAM Contract compared to the company’s “fly-to-win” handbook

Assess the IAM contract, vs. company handbook A final report from an independent professor of economics.

Report Card IAM Contract vs. handbook