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Summary of Key Differences between the lAM Contract and Fly-to-Win Handbook
by Hans R. Isakson, Ph.D. Professor of Economics
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Contract Feature
IAM Contract Fly-to-win handbook Grade
Protection of Job Rights Enforceable union Contract Good will of management A + F
Base Pay $9.99/hr to $21.40/hr $10.66/hr to $21.75/hr C – C +
Shift Differential $.48 to $.57 $.12 to $.13 B C
Duration of Shifts No more than 10 hours Up to 14 hours B + C +
Overtime Pay Time & one-half after 8-hour or 10-hour shift; Double time for hours beyond 12 hours Time & one-half after 8 hour shift B + C –
Overtime Distribution Employees with least amount of accumulated overtime get first choice

Voluntary: Employees willing to receive straight time get first choice.

Mandatory: Assigned in reverse bid seniority

A D +
Overtime Bypass Payment Applicable rate for hours bypassed No payment;
preference treatment
A D –
Holidays 3 fixed plus 5 floating 6 fixed plus 2 floating A C
Vacation Up to 1 week in first year
2 weeks after 1 year
3 weeks after 9 years
4 weeks after 16 years
5 weeks after 24 years
6 weeks after 29 years
Up to 1 week in first year
2 weeks after 4 years
3 weeks after 9 years
4 weeks after 16 years
5 weeks after 24 years
Recall rights after layoff No time limit Lesser of 6 years or employees length of service A C –
Performance Incentive Program 0.5% to 2.0% of all wages based on company performance On-Time Monthly Bonuses A B
Adjusted Seniority No in-class seniority adjustment Pay seniority and bid seniority reduced by length of leave of absences A B
Benefits Start Date hired 6 to 9 months after date hired A C –
Post-retirement, Covered, pre-Medicare coverage premium based on years of service Not addressed B + D
Average Grade     B + D +

Hans R. Isakson, Ph.D. Professor of Economics, 212 Damascus Drive University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA 50613 Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0129 — Professor Isakson joined the UNI faculty in 1990. Prior, he was a professor at The University of Texas, Washington State University, and The University of Georgia. He has a long record of publications in Regional Science and Urban Economics, Journal of Marketing Research, and others. Professor Isakson is also an economic consultant for a national testing firm